Customer Testimonials

"About 3 weeks my husband and I purchased Pu-erh Tea and within our first week drinking 3-6oz cups of hot tea our health improved. Within 2 weeks we dropped 8 pounds." ~Mr. & Mrs. Reynolds~
"I have been using Pu-erh Tea for 2 months. It is wonderful! I am a skeptic about everything, but this is great. My blood pressure is almost perfect and I had been on blood meds for 10 years! You have to try it!" ~Susan M.~
 "Since I've started drinking your Pu-erh Tea in Jan. 2014, I have lost 70 lbs!! I'm so grateful, thank you." ~Candice~ (July, 2014)
 "Using Premium Wild Old Tree Pu-erh Tea cake for 3 months, I used to weigh 174 lbs. Now I weigh 153 lbs. All is well!" ~Irene~
 "Since drinking Snow Treasure Tea, I sleep well at night, my skin feels smoother, my high blood pressure, diabetes, and liver problem have improved. My doctor recently said everything is fine." ~Cherry H.~
 "Lost 30 lbs over 6 months and maintaining my weight with the Pu-erh Tea. I also drink Evergreen Tea and keeping my blood sugar below 115." ~Chuck E.~ (February, 2015)
"Started the Evergreen Tea in August, 2014. My blood sugar was over 300. 2 weeks later it was 102. This tea works!" ~Richard~
"I suffered from high cholesterol and over weight. After drinking Pu-erh Tea for approx. 3 months, my cholesterol dropped where I don't take medication anymore. I also lost 48 pounds." ~Rod T.~
 "I drank Pu-erh Tea faithfully and was able to lose 32 pounds in 4 months." ~Nikika P.~ (March, 2015)
 "After one week of drinking the Sugar Balance Tea, my husband had stopped his insulin shot daily. It's awesome!" ~Claudine~ (February, 2014)
 "My husband drank Pu-erh Tea last year (2013) and in the same year after 6 months, his doctor took him off one of his blood pressure medicine that he was on for 20 years or more." ~From California~ (February, 2014)
 "I've been taking Sugar Balance Tea now for 2 months. Love the product, no side effects and my sugar level is now normal." ~Michael L.~ (April, 2015)
 "Since I started drinking Wild Ginseng, my asthma has gone away." ~W.D.~ (April, 2015)
 "Drinking Prime Aged White Tea has been wonderful for my skin, hair, and does wonders for my digestive system. I'm 40 years old but I constantly get compliments on how young I look, and my energy level is like I'm 25 years old after drinking this tea." ~Frances R.~ (November, 2015)


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