Easy Tea Maker (Choose from 3 Styles)

Our Easy Tea Maker is an efficient, simple, and clean way to steep tea. Add tea and hot water to the brew compartment and set it to steep per specific brew instructions. Simply push the drain button and the tea will flow into the glass compartment and will separate from the leaves. Pour tea into your cup and enjoy - it is the easiest way to start a healthy lifestyle.

  • E-01 style brews up to 17 oz (2 cups)
  • A-10 style brews up to 20 oz (2.5 cups)
  • A-14 style brews up to 30 oz (~4 cups)

The two compartments can be disassembled for cleaning and easily reassembled. Brew compartment is made of food grade polycarbonate that is BPA free and extra-fine stainless steel mesh. Glass compartment is made of high quality heat resistant glass.

 How to use teapot

- Put some tea leaves into the infuser of teapot.

- Pour boiled water and lid it.

- After let it brew tea for over 2 -3 mins, press the button of infuser into teapot.

- Pour the brewed tea into a cup and drink it.

- When brewed tea water is dark, add more hot or cold water to dilute

Cleaning & Care

After brewing and draining tea, dump spent leaves, rinse the two compartments with water, and allow it to dry. We recommend hand washing with mild soap and a non-abrasive sponge. Not for use in microwave. Not for use on stovetop. CAUTION: Always use the attached handle when moving the Easy Tea Maker. Keep out of reach of children.

Category: Teaware

Type: Teaware

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