Prime Aged White Tea

White tea has been consumed as medicinal tea for thousands of years in Asia. Our Prime Aged White Tea leaves are picked from "Da Bai Hao Cha" trees grown at Fuding, Fujian in China. Loose white tea leaves are compressed into "cakes" for ease of storage, transit and allows tea to mature further for smoother taste and strengthened health benefits. Prime Aged White Tea was fermented for 10 years.

* Health Benefits of Prime Aged White Tea *
Helps Anti-cancer & Tumor Prevention - Skin, Stomach, Prostate, Colon, Breast cancer, Fibroids, etc.
Immune Booster - To strengthen immune system against disease. (Thyroid, allergy, flu, cold, etc)
Helps Anti-viral & Antibacterial - To relieve cold, flu, pneumonia, etc.
Good for Heart - To reduce risk of developing cardiovascular disease.
Helps lower blood pressure and bad cholesterol. Helps Anti-inflammation.
Good for Skin & Beauty - To help guard against skin cell damage. Studies show that white teas are excellent for skin and complexion, and may reduce fine lines and wrinkles on the skin.
Anti-Aging - To help slow the aging process and stave of age-related disease including osteoporosis, diabetes and heart disease.
Other benefits are healthy teeth and gums, weight loss, stress relief, etc.

Batch Information

  • Produced in 2008. (Over 11 years aged tea).
  • Bright apricot color
  • Understated herbal and floral blending aroma
  • Smooth, balanced floral-fruit mouth-feel with subtle sweet ending

Brewing Instructions

  • Prepare hot water (over 200 °F)
  • Break a small lump of tea the size of 1-2 tablespoon and put into a teapot or Easy Tea Maker
  • Pour hot water (3 oz), rinse for 5 seconds and drain
  • Pour hot water (6-8oz) and infuse for 4-5 minutes
  • Strain steeped tea and serve (suggested serving size: 8 oz)
  • May be steeped again up to 5-6 times until the color of tea is clear. (Over 6 cups may be served)
  • When steeped tea water is dark brown, add more water to dilute.
  • Best to drink 3 times a day after meal.
  • For improved taste, add lemon or honey

*This statement has not been evaluated by Food and Drug Administration.

*This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, or prevent any disease.

Category: Rapha

Type: Tea

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